Choosing the Best Office Location for Your Waikato Business

Location, location, location: it doesn’t just apply to residential property. Choosing the right office location for your Waikato business can make all the difference to its day to day runnings, and how it’s perceived by customers and employees. Not all businesses are suited to an office in the CBD and, similarly, not all businesses will find they work in a more industrial area of Waikato. 

To help you make the best choice for your business, we’ve outlined five things to keep in mind when searching for a new office location in Waikato.

1 – Budget

One of the biggest constraints when choosing a new office location in Waikato is budget. Knowing how much your business can afford to spend on a premise each month will help you to determine what areas you should be searching in, how much space you can work with, and what amenities are most important to your business and its stakeholders. Generally speaking, offices in the CBD will cost more than those in outer suburbs, and an office sporting state-of-the-art amenities will sit higher on the price scale than an empty warehouse. 

2 – Size

Another important factor to consider in your search for an office in Waikato is size. Can your business work from a small office, or do you need several floors and rooms to accommodate your processes? Analysing your business and what kind of space is needed for its operations is imperative to making the right decision on office size. 

Tip: to ensure longevity in your new space, be sure to factor in any growth you see happening in your business within the next few years and select an office space to reflect that.

3 – Feel

Is your business something that will work well in a collaborative co-working space? Or are private offices key to your day to day operations? The way a space is set up is a very important consideration for businesses, and something that shouldn’t be dismissed when looking for a new office. Don’t discount the external environment of an office either, as what’s nearby to the office (i.e. parks or a view of the river) can have a huge impact on how your office feels. 

4 – Infrastructure

Actual office space is just one small part of the equation when looking for a new home for your business. There’s a lot to be thought about outside the office too. What infrastructure is important to your business? Offices in the CBD are attractive as there’s a high concentration of surrounding businesses and they’re close to plenty of public transport. A little further out of the CBD and things like parking spaces become hot property.

5 – Suburb Profiles

Understanding suburb profiles around Waikato will help inform your decision on what location is best for your business. Every area will have it’s pros and cons. Suburbs like Pukete have a great mix of residential and commercial properties – many of them being larger warehouse type spaces – whereas Frankton attracts many engineering, automotive, and trades businesses. Broadly speaking, the most popular areas to rent office space in Waikato are the Hamilton CBD, Te Rapa, Pukete, Frankton, Cambridge, and Hautapu.

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Stephen Foote

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