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5 helpful DIY packing tips

When it comes to moving house, many obstacles and glitches can arise that can sometimes mean your move doesn’t always go to plan. They can put you behind schedule and in some very unfortunate cases can damage your personal belongings during the removals process. That’s why we would always recommend using a professional removals company as they are expertly trained to assist throughout all stages of your move and have a keen eye that can make sure nothing gets overlooked.

However, if you’re feeling particularly brave and want to plan a DIY move yourself, then we’ve came up with our 5 helpful packing DIY tips that can help make the packing as easy as possible.

1)      De-clutter

Moving house is a great reason to finally stop putting off the one thing you’ve been avoiding for months, if not years: de-cluttering your house!

The more you can clear out of your home the easier the move will be, so try and be ruthless and ask yourself if you’re really still going to need something you haven’t used or worn in the last 6 months.

Anything you have that’s still in good condition but you don’t need or use anymore, put to one side and hold a car boot sale once you’ve collected enough stuff. This way you can make some money that can go towards the removals fees.

2)      Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are without doubt the one thing that you will definitely need in order to move successfully. You can start collecting cardboard boxes from the shops, work or even ask your friends and family to save them for you.

3)      Packing Materials

Bubble wrap is the ideal packing material that helps protect your belongings, but tissue paper and old newspaper can work nearly as well. Just make sure that once you have wrapped your items and placed them in a box you stuff scarves and towels around the gaps to help prevent any damage during the move.

4)      Removals Truck

Without the help of a removals company, you will still more than likely need to rent out a truck to transport your belongings to the new property.

Consider the size of the truck carefully as the smaller ones may be cheaper to hire, but realistically you’ll just end up doing more trips to move everything over therefore spending more money on fuel, plus it will take you much longer.


5)      Removals Company

If you do decide to use a removals company, Fragile Removals offer a full and efficient packing service. Our extensive range includes a wide selection of removals boxes in varying shapes and sizes to ensure your belongings are fully protected throughout the duration of the move. We also supply packing materials to help keep your belongings secure, these include bubble wrap, labels and tape which all come as part of our full removals service to you.

So if you plan ahead and keep in mind our 5 helpful DIY packing tips, you will be well on your way to a successful move!

If you’re looking for a reliable removals company to help with all stages of the move, including packing and storage throughout Cambridge and the Waikato area, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Fragile Removals today.