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10 Tips to Choose the Best Business Storage For You

The logistical stress of an office move can be made a lot easier by placing items into storage. It’s a way to keep office equipment and important data safe, and if there is a gap between vacating one property and occupying the next, you will have a secure place to store items in the interim. Like many facing a move, you might not quite know how to approach selecting a storage facility or how best to store your items.

For optimum efficiency, there are a number of things to consider:


1. The very first step is to make a list of all the items that will go into storage. That way, you will know where everything is and can double check that nothing has been left out. Don’t store anything perishable or flammable. Once you know what will be stored, it will be much easier to estimate the size of the storage unit you will need. Visit the storage facility beforehand to get an idea of the unit and how your items might be placed.

2. Check if the facility provides transport and packing materials. If it doesn’t, you will either have to make extra arrangements or choose a different removals company.

3. Assess all the available storage companies and pick the one that suits your needs. You will need to look at how and where your items will be stored, and what security measures are in place at the facility. Also enquire whether you will be able to easily access your items and if your items will be in long-term storage. Visit the facility regularly to ensure that all is in order. Ideally, you will want your items stored in a self-contained unit which you can lock.

4. If any items are sensitive to heat or cold, make sure that the facility provides climate control. You may also wish to consider this if you are based in an area with extreme weather conditions which might damage your items.

5. Large items should be disassembled. This will make it easier to move them and take up less space in storage. Make sure that all the necessary parts have been stored together and, if necessary, label for easy assembly later.

6. Make sure any delicate or breakable items are properly stored, and add padding if necessary.

7. Label all your boxes clearly, in large letters – make sure they are labelled on all sides so you can recognise them easily later.

8. Put the items you’ll need first right at the front so they’re easy to access, and leave an aisle in the middle to make it easy to reach the boxes at the back.


9. Consider insurance: find out if your chosen moving service provides coverage against damage, loss, and other accidents, and if so what the rates are. In the event that they don’t sell insurance at the storage facility, they should be able to recommend you an insurance provider.

10. Arrange boxes by weight and fragility, so that hardier, heavier items are at the bottom. Ideally, don’t stack more than three boxes, though this also depends on the size of the boxes.

These ten simple tips should help you keep your move efficient and organised. You will have peace of mind that your items are stored safely and securely in a facility that matches your needs.

If you are looking for business storage in Waikato, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fragile Removals . Our friendly team will be happy to provide support with packing and storage, and to answer any questions. We are always pleased to be of assistance.