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5 Top Tips for a Successful Office Move

As businesses grow and expand, so do the premises they work in. But when work life is hectic, the thought of finding the time to project manage a whole office move can be rather daunting.  That’s why we’re here to share the secrets to a successful office relocation with you, so your expanding company can benefit from the comfort of a spacious office with minimal interruption to work time.

1)   Help from the professionals

This is our biggest top tip to anyone preparing for an office move.  Even if you are the most organised person, project managing a whole business relocation can cause many problems and stresses that can get in way of you doing your day job.

Hiring professionals to project manage your commercial move can save you precious time and valuable money, plus you don’t have to completely hand the reigns over if you don’t want to. We can work together as a team to make sure everything goes ahead smoothly and to schedule.


2)   The early bird catches the worm

The time old saying could not be truer given this situation. The sooner you start planning the move the better for everyone (but especially you!). We recommend you start planning your re-location up to a year prior to the expiration of the lease on your current office. This way you can be ahead of the game and start your search for your ideal office.

Once you have found and secured your new office, begin planning and preparing at least three months prior to your intended moving date. The move will present many glitches and things you may not have thought about that will most likely set you back, so the earlier you can start planning, the more likely you are to still reach moving day on time, even if you do have a few set-backs, rather than delaying it.

3)   De-clutter

Go through the whole office from top to bottom and have a good clear out. There will be things you haven’t looked at or needed for years, so ask yourself if they are worth keeping hold of. For those things you are unsure of, scan a copy of them onto your computer so you can get rid of the hard copy but still have access to it if you should need it anytime in the future.

There may be pieces of furniture, computers or certain documents that you know you will not need, or use in the run up to the move, so why not consider putting them into storage? This way, they will be kept in a safe and secure unit until the time comes when you need them again once you are settled into your new office.

4)   Plan the layout

Start planning out the layout of your new office so you can make sure you’re taking full advantage of the available space. This ensures certain furniture items are guaranteed to fit in the space you have reserved for them.

It’s worth setting up a meeting to share your plan with other employees in the business. They’ll look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and might have ideas to bring to the table which may have slipped your mind.

5)   Use a checklist


Make a list of all the essential items that need to be moved. This way, you can tick them off when you have packed them, and use the list as an inventory for when you arrive at your new location. This is a simple yet effective way to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

Now we’ve shared our top 5 tips for a successful office move with you, if you bear these in mind then – fingers crossed – your relocation should go ahead and you’ll be ready to plan and to budget. But remember, the secret to any successful move is planning and organisation!

For professional removals and personal storage in Waikato, Fragile Removals can be there to project manage and execute the smoothest of commercial or domestic moves, with our expert removals team who are highly trained and on-hand to make sure you experience a stress-free move.