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A Guide to Moving House With Children

Moving house requires a high degree of planning and organisation to ensure it goes smoothly, so adding children into the mix only makes things seem all the more complicated! To guarantee a stress-free moving process for both you and your children, we’ve compiled a useful guide for before, during and after your moving day.


Children can react very differently to the news that you are all moving home, especially if you are relocating quite far away. It’s a good idea to include them in the moving process as early as possible, allowing them to get involved and feel like a part of the process.

Saying goodbye

For longer distance relocations, visit your new area to get the children accustomed to their new surroundings – parks, town centres, and any local entertainment venues are great ways to get them excited about the move. Organising a leaving party with all their friends can be a great way to make the move a fun and pleasant memory too, giving your child the chance to spend some time with their peers before moving away.


It’s important to ensure your child feels they have a voice regarding the moving process, so allowing them some control over the layout of the house can be a helpful way of easing everyone’s nerves. Ask your child what colour they may want their room painted for example, creating an exciting event to look forward to in the new home.


Keeping your child safe!

Ask a trusted friend or relative to care for your child on the moving day. This will get them away from any potential harm when heavy furniture and boxes are being moved, and will allow you to focus on the move itself without worrying about their safety in the house. If you have older children or teenagers, asking them to do a specific job on the day can be a great way of letting them feel involved in the move.

Packing the essentials

For any move, it’s recommended that you pack a separate ‘essentials’ box to travel with you, not in the removals truck, to give you instant access to everything you will need for your first night and morning in your new home. This should include pajamas, towels, toiletries, any of your child’s favourite toys, snacks and water, and perhaps a few games to get them settled quickly. Having a few items handy as soon as you all arrive will allow them to settle far easier than having to go through the hassle of searching in boxes for pajamas and bedding before bed.


Unpack together

Allow your children to be part of the decorating and unpacking process after the move, giving them some control over the layout and interior design of their own bedroom. This can make a fun family project that not only makes for a bonding experience, but also gets the house unpacked quicker!


It’s also important to get your children back into their routine as soon as possible after a big move. That means regular meals, bedtimes, and getting them enrolled into their new school as soon as possible – a structured routine can be a great help to settling your child in their new home.

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