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How to Unpack After Moving House


Once the stress of your moving day is over, the first thing you want to do is unwind and relax in your new home. Unfortunately, you’ll be faced with a mountain of boxes to sort through first!

This can often lead to many people putting off unpacking properly, with many boxes still to unload for weeks to come. We’ve listed a few top tips to give you a head start on your unpacking, and to make those first few nights in your new home so much easier.

Create an Inventory list

We always recommend that homeowners create an inventory list of everything that is being transported and in which box – and make sure you label your boxes! This will enable to you know which room each box belongs in when you get there.

Clean the house

Giving the house a good clean will set you up for unpacking. Vacuum the floors, clear away any cobwebs and clean out the kitchen cupboards.

This will not only provide you with a clean, ‘blank slate’ for unpacking, but will also allow you to get a better idea of the floor plan and layout of this house – perfect for getting ideas on where to place furniture if you don’t already know.

Open essentials first

When packing, you should have packed an ‘essentials items’ box containing everything you’ll need for a few nights. This should include items such as spare changes of clothes, food, toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels etc. Unpack this box first – it will be reassuring to you and your family to know that no matter how much unpacking is done on the first day, you are prepared for the night at least.

Arrange large furniture

Your next step should be arranging larger furniture: beds, wardrobes, sofas, tables. If you do not already have a floor plan and design set out, decide on where furniture is going before you move it – this will save you a lot of time and energy!


You’ll probably be hungry after a long day of moving, so unpacking the kitchen is a good room to start in. Unpack all your appliances first and decide where you are going to keep them – it will be useful to have places for the kettle, toaster, coffee machine etc set before unpacking the rest of your items.

Next, decide where all your items are going by designating cabinets to plates, cutlery, pots and pans, and food storage. Unpack each box one by one to reduce any chaos or mess.


Start unpacking the bedrooms by arranging the bed and wardrobe first, plus any larger items such as chests of drawers or desks. Pack bed linens individually to make sorting them easier; even if you just manage to get around to making the bed in each room, you and your family will start to feel at home in no time.


Organise essential items such as towels, toilet paper and soap. Toiletries can be placed in cabinets so that everyone knows where to find them when they’re needed.

With these few tips, unpacking your new home should feel a lot less overwhelming. Here at Fragile Removals, our high quality service ensures your moving day is as stress-free as possible.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your move, or to request a free, no obligation quote, and we’ll be happy to help.