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How to move boxes safely

Whatever the reason for moving a number of boxes, the last thing you want to do is to put yourself out of action for a period of time afterwards, from pains or strains. This can be avoided with the right safety measures, which is why we have put together an article to keep our customers happy and healthy during a busy time like this.

Box weight
Never overfill boxes. Only attempt to lift boxes full of things you can carry.

Rent the right equipment
Flimsy boxes are a ‘no-no’, use strong sturdy carriers or a dolly should you have to move them far. If you do use a dolly, plant the heavy boxes on it and use the appropriate straps to secure your stacked boxes.

Be careful of dangerous areas
Pinpoint any areas in your current home and in your new home that you consider to be dangerous. This may include things such as cracked slabs or loose bricks in walls, so you don’t trip or place a box on an unsteady surface. Scope out any unfamiliar steps around your new home – you may want to mark them with chalk for you and others to see when shifting boxes up and down the stairs.

Wear appropriate footwear
Always wear sturdy, thick-soled shoes – should you stand on anything or drop anything, your feet will be protected.

Appropriate clothing
The last thing you want is to ruin your clothes or to be injured by long sleeves or baggy trousers getting caught in doors or snagged by boxes. Wear durable clothing that you don’t mind throwing away, should they get stained or ripped.

Don’t obstruct traffic
Find a safe place for the vehicle to park, close to the house and not too far away that you have to carry heavy boxes onto or across the road.

Set aside heavy, light and fragile boxes
When packing boxes into a van, you will want to put down the heaviest first to save your lighter, more fragile items. Also, this means you do not have to reach up high for any potentially hazardous or heavy items.

Children and pets
Although it’s nice to involve children and pets with family events, they may get hurt from the high level of traffic coming in and out of your home. You may want to keep them in a room where they can stay entertained, instead of putting them at risk from tumbles and heavy objects being dropped.

Consider professional help for specialty items
Washing machines, wardrobes, and pianos – these require at least two people when attempting to shift them. Fragile Removals would recommend that you call a professional team to help you move any expensive specialty items. They will ensure they’re disassembled and handled with the utmost care.


  • Use your legs, not your back
  • Keep boxes close to your body
  • Get a good grip of the box before attempting to move it

Whether you’re moving home, offices or need the storage space – you can count on Fragile Removals to simplify your move. Based in Cambridge, we cover the Waikato and Nationwide, providing a stress-free service, just when our customers need it most. Get the help you need by contacting our friendly advisors for a free quote.