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How Restrictions On Loans Will Affect Property Investors

In a further effort to slow the mad housing market, the Reserve Bank is going to put limits on how much investors can borrow and has also re-tightened limits on how much banks can lend to people with house deposits under 20 per cent.Continue Reading »

Tips for Selling Your House This Summer

The summer months are a peak time for selling your home, but it can still be a tricky market to stand out in. A few simple home improvements and adjustments can make a huge impression on potential buyers, so it’s worth investing in your home now to increase its value in the market. Our experts… Continue Reading »

A Guide to Home Insurance

A house is undoubtedly the most expensive thing you will buy in your lifetime, so you want to make sure it is fully protected, right? But for first time buyers it is often unknown about the types of insurance that are available and worthwhile taking out. As removal experts with years of experience helping people… Continue Reading »

Common Things you Can’t Store as Self Storage

Storage is great for holding items in a safe and secure place. You can store any household or business items such as furniture, electrical appliances, your business documents and family heirlooms in your unit. However, there are certain things that you should never store in containerised storage facilities… Perishables Many people make the mistake of… Continue Reading »

A complete guide to Packing to Move Home

There is never a convenient time to move house, but with the right help, guidance and necessary preparation, you can be as ready as possible and stand a better chance of a smooth and fully coordinated move. Here at Fragile Removals, we have years of experience when it comes to packing, so we’ve collated… Continue Reading »

The Pros and Cons of Renting and Buying

It’s a well known fact that what your father told you, was right. Bricks and water are the most expensive thing you will ever buy. But whilst many of us are ignorantly living in the blissfulness of our home comforts, it isn’t until the time comes that you want to fly the nest, that deciding… Continue Reading »

10 Tips to Choose the Best Business Storage For You

The logistical stress of an office move can be made a lot easier by placing items into storage. It’s a way to keep office equipment and important data safe, and if there is a gap between vacating one property and occupying the next, you will have a secure place to store items in the interim.… Continue Reading »

10 Great Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

We can all be found guilty of holding onto our beloved possessions for longer than we perhaps should do. We keep buying more and more clothes, even though our wardrobes are crammed full and we can’t seem to find it in us to throw away old books, CDs, DVDs and videos, even if we have… Continue Reading »

5 Top Tips for a Successful Office Move

As businesses grow and expand, so do the premises they work in. But when work life is hectic, the thought of finding the time to project manage a whole office move can be rather daunting.  That’s why we’re here to share the secrets to a successful office relocation with you, so your expanding company can… Continue Reading »

5 helpful DIY packing tips

When it comes to moving house, many obstacles and glitches can arise that can sometimes mean your move doesn’t always go to plan. They can put you behind schedule and in some very unfortunate cases can damage your personal belongings during the removals process. That’s why we would always recommend using a professional removals company… Continue Reading »