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A Student’s Guide to Moving out of Home for the First Time

Going to university is an exciting yet intimidating prospect that opens up a world of new experiences, as well as the next step in your education. One of the major changes most students deal with is the adjustment of moving from home into a student hall or house. This represents a freedom you may never have experienced before, but it also forces you to think about what you will need in your new home and how you will transport it there. Here at Fragile Removals we are the experts and have put together this helpful guide of everything you need to know when moving away from home for the first time.

Preparing for the Move to Student Accommodation

The key to any successful move is preparation. This will probably be the first time undertaking such a project therefore it is helpful to decide what you are going to take with you, and to list the things you can buy once you’ve moved in. It is best to prepare a list in adtruckce to take the stress out of packing on the day of the move. The type of things that you will want to take with you will include:

• Pots and pans
• Knives, forks, spoons, plates, and cups
• Toiletries – don’t forget toilet paper
• A bathrobe is a good idea if you are going to be sharing a bathroom
• Towels
• Clothes hangers
• Clothes to suit different climates and occasions
• Bed linen
• Alarm clock
• A few posters or pictures to brighten up your room
• A laundry basket
• Laptop and printer
• Enough food to last the first couple of days

Begin packing your belongings away in the weeks before the move to avoid a last minute rush. This will also highlight any items you may be missing.  It is an excellent idea to do some research on the local area you are moving to, such as parking nearby or any official documents you may need when you move in. The internet is a great resource for finding the information you need and you can also print off directions if you need them.

How to Transport Your Belongings to Your New Accommodation

You are likely to have quite a number of carefully packed boxes and bags to take to your new home; therefore it might be worth using a removals service. However if you have a large family car and a willing driver with careful planning to avoid multiple trips you could do the moving yourself. There are a few draw backs of this, if you have a large amount of boxes or would like to take the family with you to see you settled in, that won’t leave much room and may mean multiple trips as an unavoidable consequence – not a good idea if your new accommodation is far away.

Using a removals service will take the hassle out of moving, and it will mean that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings will get to where they need to safely. This leaves you time to do your first shop nearby and more importantly socialise with your new room-mates. It is reasonably cheap to hire a removal truck, so this is definitely an option that you will want to consider.

Settling Into the New Place

You are likely to find that when you arrive at your new accommodation you will be bombarded with a variety of emotions – both positive and negative. It can be a bit intimidating to be left in a strange room with all your stuff in boxes after the removal people have left, but the thing to do is to get unpacking right away. Listen to your favourite music, and get to work. You may want to put up one of your posters right away as this will officially put your stamp on this new space.  Make it a home away from home, and don’t forget to check in with your parents or friends once the inevitable excitement takes over!