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Tips for Selling Your House This Summer

The summer months are a peak time for selling your home, but it can still be a tricky market to stand out in. A few simple home improvements and adjustments can make a huge impression on potential buyers, so it’s worth investing in your home now to increase its value in the market.

Our experts at Fragile Removals have compiled our top tips to increase your chances of selling your home quickly this summer.

Fix it up

A buyer is less likely to choose your home if they instantly see that they will need to spend a lot of money on it, so fix up anything that’s been on your to-do list now for a quick return on your investment. Try to think about what you would want to see in a house, and what might put you off when looking for one – if you wouldn’t be willing to buy a house with the same problems as your current one, fix them before putting it on the market.

Basic home improvements can quickly help your home look more welcoming to buyers, so repainting walls in neutral tones will appeal to a wider range of buyers and allow them to imagine themselves living there easier.

Kitchen and Bathrooms


A great looking kitchen can really seal the deal for potential buyers, so some updating is a worthwhile investment. A full kitchen remodel could be worth the return investment on your home by increasing the chances of buyers making a high offer, however they are often costly. Consider other options such as replacing taps, refacing your current cabinets, or even investing in new countertops to really raise the value on your house.

Likewise, a grimy bathroom can be a huge turn off for buyers viewing your home, so give the walls a lick of paint and replace bath and sink fittings with new ones. Minor details like re-caulking around the tiles and changing the lighting could make a major improvement to your bathroom’s overall look.


First impressions count for a lot when buying a house, so make sure yours is up to standard. That means mowing the lawn, tending plants, painting or replacing rotted windows, and ensuring the driveway is free of clutter.

Whilst taking care of your garden won’t necessarily add value to your property, it will attract potential buyers to your home, and entering a house with a positive mindset will significantly increase the chances of buyers returning for a second visit. A bright, attractive colour for your front door can go a long way for first impressions, so consider updating yours to really make your house stand out.



Clear any clutter on the surfaces and reveal as much floor space as the room has to offer – you want your house and each room to look spacious and inviting, so make sure any unnecessary items are packed away.

You could even start packing up non-essentials for storage if you know you won’t need them in the next few months – winter coats and boats, for example, can be boxed up and put into storage, freeing up valuable space in your home. Fragile Removals are able to dismantle and transport possessions to our modern storage facilities in Waikato, providing a secure space to store items in preparation for your move.


A bad odour can very quickly create a lasting negative impression of your home for buyers, so make sure you air your home out and avoid cooking any strong-smelling recipes before showing your house! Summer is a great time for this, as you can leave the windows open and let the air circulate throughout your house, guaranteeing a much fresher and inviting smell to your home.


Utilise all the natural light your house lets in – that means drawing back the shutters and curtains and letting the sun shine to create a lasting and welcoming impression on buyers looking around. Add lighting and mirrors to rooms that don’t get much natural light.

Find a good removals company

You want to feel assured that you’re in the right hands for the big move, so finding a professional removals company is important.

Our experienced team at Fragile Removals offer a comprehensive service that takes care of every step of the move – from dismantling and packing your belongings, to transporting them to your new home.

Contact us today to discuss your moving needs and we’ll be happy to help.