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Top Tips for Moving House in 2016

With the arrival of 2016, you may be looking to make a few improvements in your life. If you’re plan is to move house this year, you’ll know it’s a far more committing change than most other resolutions, and careful research will be required.

Here at Fragile Removals, we’re committed to helping our customers have a stress-free moving day, allowing them to focus on their new home. We’ve listed a few of our top tips to avoiding stress when moving house in 2016.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key to making sure all stages of your move go smoothly. Make a list of everything you need to do; booking a survey of your home, deciding on a budget for your new home, registering with estate agents, and finding a reliable removals company.

2. Decluttering

Decluttering your home after the Christmas season can be a rewarding task regardless of when you are planning to move, allowing you to finally get rid of unused junk and layout your home in an attractive manner. What’s more, a clutter free house will make it more appealing to potential buyers trying to picture the house as their own, plus, less stuff means an easier job when it comes to packing.

We recommend sorting items into those to donate, those to be thrown out, and those you no longer use but may want to in the future. For this last category, we have long and short term storage facilities ideal for keeping your belongings secure until you need them.

3. Finding your new home

Register with local estate agents as a potential buyer – this will mean that the agents contact you about any properties new on the market that may be suited to you before they get uploaded to their main sites.

4. Packing

We offer a full packing service for all our customers here at Fragile Removals, ensuring all your belongings are dismantled and expertly packed away so that they arrive fully intact at your destination.

Our team is able to come to your property in advance to securely pack and label everything – taking the stress off your shoulders!

5. Book with your removals company

Booking your moving date with your removals company allows you to organise with them what needs to be packed and when. Our removals services here at Fragile Removals are designed for your convenience, offering evening and weekend removals for the added flexibility needed to fit your schedule.

Here at Fragile Removals, our friendly team are on hand for every part of the removals process, from packing your items to safely delivering them to your new home.

Our removals service is flexible to accommodate your needs, so to discuss your moving day, or for more information, feel free to contact us today.