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Who To Notify When Moving House

Moving house can be a particularly stressful experience, but having a checklist of who to notify before you move can forestall any unexpected bills to make the transition easier. You might have already chosen a removal company and diligently organised a life’s worth of possessions into boxes, but don’t forget to notify the following groups of people in advance of your move. Here at Fragile Removals we are experts when it comes to moving house, and we hope this article will make your moving experience a little bit easier.

1) Utilities

This includes Gas, Electricity and Water and can be done over the phone, the number of which can be found on your most recent bill. In this ever advancing age some services can even be terminated online, check with your individual provider if this is a service which you’d like to utilise. Your current company might require a certain amount of notice; this can be as little as 24 hours, so be sure to find out their policy to ensure your billing period ends when you leave.

Unfortunately due to human error or an over sight in the system, it has been known that previous occupants have been over or continually charged, even after notice is given. It is therefore especially important to take a meter reading when you leave so that in the event of this happening you can provide evidence of your accountability. A time dated picture is the best way to do this.

The companies themselves will sometimes send a meter-reader but it is increasingly common for them to use the numbers you have logged for your start and end readings.

2) Phones, Internet Provider & TV Services

This includes your landline and any mobiles you may have. Some phone plans are included under the remit of your broadband provider, therefore only one company will need to be notified.  As with your utility companies the number you should contact can be found on any recent bill or notification and might even be available to be done online.  In the case of mobile phones, you will only need to make a change of address.

If you are leaving before the end of a contracted period you may have to pay a small fee to leave, but it will be comparatively less than if you had to carry on paying for a service you were no longer using. If this is the case you may be able to use the same provider under a different address but it depends on the prerequisites of the service provider. For example, no cable at the new property means no Broadband. This might incur administration costs, but again it is comparatively less than the alternative.

In terms of Sky TV, don’t forget to cancel or transfer this type of subscription.

3) Local Councils

Your local council, both old and new, will need to be told of your change of address for council tax purposes and also the Inland Revenue.

4) Banks and other Monetary Matters

Although it only takes a phone call, there are quite a number of money-related items which should be directed to your new address. These include your bank statements, any store or credit card statements, insurance (e.g. car, pet, house, travel), and pension. This is particularly important as some paper forms can contain sensitive information. This is also a good chance to convert your paper statements into electronic ones which will be delivered directly to your inbox. This saves paper and hassle if you decide to move again.

5) Vehicle

As well as any vehicle insurance as mentioned above, you will also need to change the address of any breakdown cover you have. The NZTA will need to be informed so your licence can be altered. It is better to do this after you have moved  because you may need your license during your travel between addresses, and it would be particularly inconvenient to have it delivered to your old address.

6) Subscriptions and membership

This includes any gym membership or magazine subscriptions you have.

7) Family and friends

Finally, don’t forget to let all your family and friends know of your change of address to avoid lost birthday cards or packages. The Post Office has a free service to quickly notify organisations about updated personal information including change of address. Click here This should pick up anything or anyone that you have forgotten to tell.

Whilst there are many items listed throughout this article, and it can seem daunting at first, being aware of who you should notify and being able to tick it off of a check list will help you to relax in the knowledge everything is taken care of.