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Moving Tips: Things to do before the Moving Day

Start organising your move around four weeks before the big day.

Give Stephen a call and book your move four weeks ahead to start things running smoothly. He can also arrange storage for you at this point. Start gathering packing supplies such as boxes, tape and papers for wrapping.

Around two weeks before moving day, you can start packing.

Pack non-essential items and clothing – nothing you’ll need in the next two weeks! Remember to label boxes and packages to make unpacking easier later on. Arrange for disconnection of phone, electricity, internet and other services (make sure you give your providers the right date for the move) and set them up at your new place.

It’s also a good time to rope friends and family into helping with the move, packing or looking after children and pets. Start thinking about which items you need us to move, and which you’d like to handle yourself.

Tell NZ Post about your new address and arrange mail redirection. Start working your way through the food in your freezer and pantry – it’ll mean less work on moving day!

On the week leading up to the move, it’s time to finish the packing.

Pack up computers, televisions and other fragile appliances with care. If you’re a little too busy, you can take advantage of our pre-packing service. Keep all important documents – including passports – together in a safe place. Don’t forget to cancel home delivery services such as newspapers, as well as lawn-mowing or cleaning services.

The big day is here!

Make sure to set aside some essentials to get you through the first few hours in your new home – some snacks, drinks, cleaning materials, a kettle and some tea and coffee. Disconnect all appliances, strip the beds and make sure the house is clean; you can always hire a cleaner to reduce your workload.

Do one final check as we load your boxes. It’s a good idea to stay in the house until the last item is packed. Keep valuables, personal items and important papers with you at all times.

If you need more help at any stage, give Fragile Removals a call for some handy advice.

General moving tips:

1. Leave clothes in chest of drawers and bedside cabinets (only if they are good strong sets of wooden drawers and not the fragile chip board / melamine  type)

2. Leave fridges and freezers operating, but cleaned out for local moves only

3. Disconnect washing machine hoses and drain out

4. Dismantle beds

5. Unscrew large 2-piece wall units

6. Put bedding into strong garbage bags

7. Make sure overhead obstructions are cleared as much as possible to allow the best vehicle access

8. Leave doorways and hallways free of boxes and furniture

9. Tape garden shed tools together

10. Try not to water pot plants 24 hours before planned move

11. Dismantle play equipment

Stephen Foote

Stephen Foote is the figure behind Fragile Removals, a family operated removalist located in Waikato with more than 12 years of experience in home removals and office relocations in and around Waikato