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Moving House Checklist: Things To Do When Moving House

Anyone who has moved house before knows exactly how difficult and stressful it can be.

But it’s also an exciting time, a time of fresh starts and possibly a first venture into home ownership.

However, it’s also a time when things can be overlooked because your mind is often elsewhere – which is fair enough, you have a lot to think about.
If you’re the type of person who tends to forget things when you are busy, this blog is for you. In it, we are going to provide a checklist for things you should consider when you’re moving house and that you’re liable to disregard.


There are a lot of things that need to be done during a move. Therefore you should give yourself enough time to complete those tasks. Try and give yourself as much time as possible in order to avoid doing everything at the last minute and adding to your stress levels.

We recommend allocating at least 8 weeks, so you can gradual pack up and suitably plan for the big day.

If you are unable to dedicate this much time because of a hectic schedule, you should think about hiring a removalist.

Potential issues

Renting – Make sure you know how much notice you have to give your landlord. This can usually be found on the lease or you can research what the tenancy legislation is.

Selling and buying – In order to simultaneously buy a property while selling another (or at least keep the gap between the two to a minimum), you really have to keep your conveyancing solicitor informed so they can make it happen.

Bills and mail

Administrative work is probably the last thing on your mind, but it’s important that you get onto it as soon as possible after you’ve moved house.

Cancelling bills – As soon as you hand the keys over, cancel or change your electricity, gas and internet accounts. You don’t want to pay for facilities you are no longer using.

Redirecting mail – It’s annoying when you don’t receive notification or correspondence, because it has been sent to your old address. Reduce the risk of not getting something important, by redirecting your mail until you are able to change your mailing address with all your contacts.

As well as benefiting you, it also helps out the new tenants of the property. We all know how frustrating it is to get mail from people that used to live there.


You might be lulled into think you don’t have a lot to move, but when the big day gets closer, you will realise you were wrong. Very wrong. Moving the entire contents of your home is a huge under-taking and if you don’t prepare for it, it will come as a shock.

To make life easier on yourself, lighten your load by getting rid of all those things you no longer want. If it’s just going to sit in your new garage and collect dust, it’s better to get rid of it now and save yourself the effort of having to move it.

We wish you luck with your forthcoming move. If you follow these tips, it should make it easier and a little less stressful.

Stephen Foote

Stephen Foote is the figure behind Fragile Removals, a family operated removalist located in Waikato with more than 12 years of experience in home removals and office relocations in and around Waikato